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Pauline invites her fans from all over the world to unchain themselves from the daily grind and embrace Huy and Ishat, Ramses, Caradoc and Boudicca, Hatshepsut, Seqenenra, and all her other cherished companions past and present.  Read her notes about the writing of each book, some excerpts from the press over the years, and her thoughts on the process of writing and creation.  Browse for current and past editions at the online store without leaving the site until you're ready to check out.  For foreign visitors, feel free to use the translator at the bottom of every page, and before you go, subscribe to the RSS feed to make sure you're notified when there's news.

Volume III in The King's Man trilogy is available!

Continue your journey with Huy from his humble beginnings in Hut-Herib through his rise to virtual ruler of Egypt.


The Eagle and the Raven has been reprinted by the Chicago Review Press, with a foreword by Donna Gillespie

Penguin Canada has added Child of the Morning to its Celebrations collection